About Texas Sweet Tees

Welcome to Texas Sweet Tees! We are so excited to have you and create a brand that is made in TX. It's obvious we are in love with Texas, Wine, and “punny” tees. Every week we are creating, designing and coordinating the perfect tees for you.

Texas Sweet Tees Review

This isn't a subscription but it is the Best T-shirt Company in Houston! So you might say (and my husband definitely says) I have an addiction to Texas Sweet Tees!  It is SO FREAKIN HOT in Texas, Texas Sweet Tees is the only way to survive!  I wear one of their tanks almost every day Monday-Thursday.  They are light, cute and soft.  They can be washed over and over again without getting fuzzy and fading.

Know what else is awesome?  Their winter t-shirts (like the Christmas ones below) are thicker and uber comfy, especially when Houston can't decide if its going to get cold or not.  I just went and bought my 3 Fall/Thanksgiving t-shirts and they are uber soft!  They also have cups, koozies, bags and more.  I am in love!  So if you watch me on Instagram or you have seen me in person, you have met Texas Sweet Tees.  Hit up their site above to check out their latest sale they are hosting.

The Hook Up: use PINK10 to get 10% off

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Remember to relax, destress and have fun!!! Texas Sweet Tees review is the way to find the BEST t-shirts in all of Houston!  So hop on and order before the Holiday arrive!  They have tanks, t-shirt with short sleeves and t-shirts with long sleeves.  Here in Texas, I wear the short sleeves 🙂  Hope you all have a happy holiday season!!!

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