Once Upon a Book Club Review

The Immersive Reading Experience with Surprises! Once Upon a Book Club Review: What a fun book Subscription that was! We went into this one blind but had heard really great things! And boy, were people right! The idea of a themed book and fun gifts to unwrap as you read is brilliant! We recommend Once Upon a Book Club to any book lovers or those trying to get back into reading!

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Once Upon a Book Club

Items in our Book Club Box:

  • Book: Mastering the Art of French Murder
  • Autograph from the Author Colleen Cambridge! How cool is that?!
  • Julia Childs Baking Mat
  • “Follow me to the book store” Keychain
  • Once Upon a Book Club 3-piece Knife Set

About this Book Subscription Box:

Once Upon a Book Club is a subscription service that offers a unique reading experience by combining books with carefully curated gifts. Subscribers receive a newly released book each month, accompanied by several wrapped gifts that are specifically designed to be opened at certain pages of the book. This interactive approach aims to enhance the reading journey by providing tangible items related to the story.

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