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The Mantel Box Style Guide

Original Unboxing Video + Decorating

Note: This blog post was written for those who purchased The Pink Envelope's Mantel Box. So the tone and instructions are written with this in mind.

The Mantel Box

Hey Yall! First, can I start by saying, Thank You for purchasing my pop-up box! I am so thankful to Just Deco for creating this opportunity, and I am so happy you are here enjoying it with me. Now…let's dive into decorating.

The Pink Envelope Mantel Box was designed to be used year-round. It perfectly mixes The Pink Envelope's love for color and Just Deco's style and textures! I think these two made quite a cute baby 😉 I picked these pieces to play well throughout the year, regardless of the season. I was craving year-round color! So, let's start by chatting about the pieces you received in your box.

Disclaimer: (very excited to write this one) This post does not contain affiliate links and is sponsored by ME!!! Yay! Thank you for watching and supporting us! You are the best!

The Mantel Box Itemized:

  • Set of 3 Cream Dried Pampas Grasses: estimated 45” tall
  • Set of 3 Terracotta Textured Candlestick Holders: Tallest – 12” tall, Middle – 10” tall, Smallest – 8” tall
  • Set of 3 Candlesticks
  • Set of 2 Round Sage Green Velvet Pillows: 13” round x 4” thick
  • Set of 2 Framed Art Pieces: Large Art 20” x 20” & Small Art 12” wide x 15” tall
  • 12” tall (incl. handle) x 16” Dia. Woven Basket 
  • Style Guide with Decorating How-To Video + Inspirational Photos
  • Tips & Tricks to use your box year-round & how to use this box with your other home decor subscription boxes

What Comes Inside The Mantel Box?

First, please know this box can be used anywhere in your home. We named it “The Mantel Box” because of my passion for decorating my fireplace mantel. Naturally, I'm showing this space first. However, I will also show you how to decorate other spaces. The three main things I focus on when designing my mantel is

  • Height
  • Depth/Layers
  • Sets

Ever heard of the rule of 3's? When decorating (or even getting dressed), you are supposed to use items in sets of 3. This is why you received sets of 3 with the pampas grasses and candlesticks. Can you add more? Yes! If you like a more simple design, you are set. If you like a “more is more” design, then add other favorites to the mix!

Textured Candlestick Holders:

Check out these fireplace mantel designs (these designs can apply to a long shelf, sofa back furniture, entryway piece, etc). This one definitely follows the “more is more” rule and has a touch of Coastal Grandma Chic design. Which, if you didn't know, is all the rage! What is Coastal Grandma Chic design? Google it! Think Diane Keaton meets home decor!

Whereas this other design follows a more simplistic influence. These textured candlesticks are top-notch and mix and match well!

Pampas Grass:

Same with your pampas grasses. If you like a simpler design, layer just the three from The Mantel Box. But if you like more, add more! In fact, I encourage you to add in ANY TYPE of grass. Grab some pruning sheers, grab a friend, and head out on a nature walk to see what you discover. To dry them, place your clippings into a vase and ignore them. That's it! Some will dry great, and you can add them to your design; others won't, and you can toss them. Which of these three designs is your favorite?

Large Woven Basket:

Now let's chat about that basket; I really, REALLY love it. And let me say this large basket is sturdy, so feel free to load it up. It can hold pillows and blankets, but it can also hold shoes, magazines and papers, toys and stuffies, your dirty laundry, and so much more! Put that guy to work!

Sage Green Velvet Round Pillows:

These Pillows…Swoon! The set of 2 sage pillows not only feels dreamy, but they are also the 1st pillows I have found that actually stay upright in curved back chairs and on chairs/benches with slick surfaces like leather. Look at these two chairs, I keep laughing while watching this because the chair on the right has been me for the last ten years. Luckily, thanks to The Mantel Box, the chair on the left is the future! (make sure to push play, it's a video)

Framed Art Pieces:

Look at this art. It's color on color, and I love it! So the idea here is that these two pieces can play together or independently. One has a slightly more Spring/Summer feel, and the other has a slightly more Spring/Fall feel. This is intentional! Also, I want to challenge you to layer art. It is so liberating and fun! I want to encourage you to break the rules! Go for it! I think you will find a whole new side of you that you didn't know was in you, and you will love it.

How to Style Your Fireplace Mantel using our Mantel Box

And for inspiration, here are a couple of different full fireplace mantel designs. The ideas are endless…

How to Style a Long Table using the Mantel Box

This box plays well with any long table or shelf surfaces. Think entryway furniture, sofa back furniture, and shelves. The Mantel Box was created with these spaces in mind. Check out my entryway here.

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Thank you!

I want to take a moment to say Thank You to the Just Deco team for giving me this opportunity. It has been one of the most stressful, energizing, frustrating, and wonderful projects I have had the privilege of working on. Anais, thank you for being so patient and willing to show me the ropes regarding sourcing. Melissa, thank you for letting me fill your warehouse with these beautiful items. And Kat, thank you for making our graphics and emails so pretty. And to you, The Pink Envelope family, thank you for being a constant encouragement. Thank you for watching, commenting, liking, and making all of this that we do Fun! Without you, none of this would be, I am thankful for you!

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