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The Prairie at Round Top Review – Round Top TX
The Prairie at Round Top Review – Round Top TX


The Prairie at Round Top Review – Round Top TX

Travel Experiences

Travel & Experience: The Prairie at Round Top Review & Round Top TX

The Prairie at Round Top Review
Where We Stayed

The Prairie at Round Top in the Found Cottage and it is SO CUTE!!!

  • Very Clean- As a few of you might know, I'm a germ-a-phobe!  So I bring Lysol anti-bacterial wipes with me everywhere.  We self check in because we arrived late and that was very easy. We head to the most adorable cabin ever and I  immediately start to wipe things down.  The bed is clean and solid white with no stains.  The sinks and showers all perfectly clean.  The solid white couch and chairs, all clean with no staining. I am very very impressed!
  • The Cabin has its own parking spot and is the medium size cabin on site.  2 bed + 2 bath + extra sleep spaces throughout.  The bathrooms are big and it has a cute little kitchenette.  We absolutely LOVED it.
  • Breakfast – they served breakfast in The Guest House each morning and IT IS TO DIE FOR.  I swear Jonathan and I haven't eaten that good in ages LOL!
  • Location – just around the corner from downtown Round Top.  And very closer to Brenham, Carmine, and Warrenton.  Great spot to stay during Antique Week!
  • The Guest House – the hub and hang out spot has indoor and outdoor seating.  Snacks and water always on the counter and music with books inside.
  • Customer Service was amazing!  Everyone was very helpful and kind.  On Wednesday when everything in Round Top is closed the sweet gal who runs the venue called a friend who owned an antique shop to open up for us and she did.  Above & Beyond Service!
  • the Shower – soooooooo good!  Yall I am picky!  I need hot (nearly scald your skin off hot Jonathan would say) hot water and good water pressure.  This shower had both and it is heaven!

The Prairie at Round Top Review

How Long We Stayed: 4 days and 3 nights

Good for Kids: Yes not geared for kids but it would work well

Food + Drink
  • Teagues Tavern – not a place I would normally go to and eat on vaca but it was the only place open on Monday and Tuesday sooooo.  Food and service was good, very limited and slightly pricey menu.
  • Royers Sound Top Cafe – A MUST GO TO SPOT!  Yummy food and amazing pies and super cool building!  Highly recommend!!!
  • Two Sparrows Coffee – we never made it here but heard awesome things and will definitely go straight here next time we are in town.
  • The Garden Co. – this is down the road and Schulenburg and definitely a must go to.  Super cute venue, yummy food and beautiful garden center.  Highly recommend!!!
Best Features
  • Visit Thursday – Sunday and everything is alive and happening, especially the antique stores and the good food
  • Visit during the Antique shows September – October for a wild and fun time
  • There is a Meadery just down the road we want to visit next time we are in town
  • The only antique store we got to visit was Bill Moore Antiques and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you stop by there.  They have everything!  I bought 2 doors and a buffet that are the cutest.
  • And the infamous Junk Gypsy store is located here too

Round Top TX Bed and Breakfast

  • do not visit Monday – Wednesday, there is literally nothing open
  • the closest real grocery store is in Brenham, so pick up everything you need before you get to town
  • if you are doing big shopping bring your own trailer, renting from places like uHaul isn't the easiest here
  • as this B&B there is no hot tub or pool
What's Near By
  • Warrenton, TX which is a big part of the antique show
  • Brenham, TX which is a small city, it has everything
  • Carmine, TX has good antiques and some more food options

So this wraps up my The Prairie at Round Top Review!  Hope that you found this helpful.  If I missed a topic you would have liked to of known more of please comment below.  Happy Vacationing Friends!

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