About The Tie Fix

Quality Ties – Every Month We Curate 2 High Quality Amazing Ties. We Do All The Work For You.  Perfect For Tie Lovers and Tie Enthusiasts.  2 Ties + 2 Accessories Delivered To Your Doorstep Every Month.

My The Tie Fix Experience

Check out The Tie Fix, isn't this brilliant!  All you guys out there that primp and prep more than your significant other, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!  Sharpen your look every month with 2 new ties plus 2 accessories. Accessories include Tie Clips, Pocket Square, Socks, and More.  I received 2 ties, a tie clip and a pocket square that coordinate.  You can subscription to their monthly tie delivery service in just one minute. No lengthy forms or questionnaires.  This would make a great gift especially to someone with a new job trying to boost their new professional wardrobe.  Their website is above and below, go see!  Also check out my photos below!

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