About Trösta Box

At trösta box, we believe self-care is a daily practice that's built around your needs, and we've designed trösta box with that in mind. When you subscribe to trösta box, you'll receive between 4–6 high-quality items focused on helping you build and enhance you own practice of self-care.

Trösta Box Review

Y'all this box is so awesome!  From the minute I opened it I had a smile on my face, everything smells so good.  It came with Serenity bubble bath plus wooden colors and a coloring book and a mug, mug sleeve, tea, tea infuser and lemon wafers!  It was like receiving relaxation in a box!  Trösta Box sends 4-6 curated self care items in each box for $44.95 a month!  In this box I received I have 8 items (of which 1 item is a set of 10 colors) with a value over $65 if I were to go try to find and buy all this on my own.  So feeling stressed?  Feeling down?  Just want to pick me up?  Check out Trösta Box using the coupon below.

Trosta Box Coupon

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