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Trunk Club Box

About Trunk Club

At Trunk Club, they aim to help men and women dress their best every day. You share your size, style, and fit preference with your stylist, who then handpicks a tailored selection of clothes according to your input. Trunk Club stylists are real people invested in your personal style. Trunk Club Box Unboxing

Cost: $40 – $300 per item price point average, you select your range to spend. $25 style fee for non-Nordstrom cardholders that goes towards your purchase.

Frequency: You Decide!  Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc, non reoccurring

Who Can Shop: Women’s Petite, Regular & Curvy in sizes XXS – 26W and Men (but I don't cover men's here)

Do I Recommend: Yes! This has been a favorite of mine for a while! If I didn't have a budget, I would have 1 shipped every month!

Trunk Club

My Trunk Club Review

I am so happy I tried Trunk Club again. It has been too long. I sent a request to my stylist for work-appropriate, going out outfits and she NAILED IT!!! In fact, I sent this request to 4 different box companies and TC is the only one who sent the perfect box. I could have easily kept the entire box if money wasn't a thing.

All the clothes fit perfectly! All the styles are so cute! And everything was seasonally appropriate. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I highly recommend you try this box. You get 5 days to try everything on and then you ship the items you don't need back in the pre-postage box they provide. It really is as wonderful as it sounds!

See my 1st box here back in 2016. Watch the video at the top to see each of the items, their fit, costs, and more on this Trunk Club Box Unboxing.

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Trunk Club Review - The Best Fashion Subscription Box Ever! #trunkclub
Trunk Club Review – The Best Fashion Subscription Box Ever! #trunkclub

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