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*Updated August 2018*

About Trunk Club

A stylist sends a trunk of handpicked men's or women's clothing straight to your door. You'll always receive an itemized preview email first. Once you sign off on your stylist's selections, your trunk will be shipped.

Frequency: only upon request (not an auto renewing subscription)

Cost: $25 styling fee that credits towards purchase.  Average price point per item is $100 – $300 although items can be cheaper or more expensive.

Recommend: YES!

Updated Review September 2016

Hey All, so Trunk Club clothing subscription box has changed ALOT since the original post below so I wanted to include some more up to date info. 1) You can now pay with your Nordstroms CC and earn Notes!!!!  This is very happy!  2) No longer do you have 10 days to try everything on, you only have 5 days, so keep this in mind and only order a trunk when you will be home and ready.  3) They now charge a $25 styling fee like Stitch Fix to get a trunk and that money goes toward your purchase.  4) In person Clubhouse stylings are still free.

Most everything else is still the same, you sign up, complete your style profile, meet with your stylist, get a preview e-mail of your trunk and then within 3-6 days your trunk is mailed to you.  Their price point is still $100 – $300 featuring Ready to Wear Men's & Women's clothing.  They do not offer a buy all discount like Stitch Fix but they do price match with sales taking place at Nordstrom stores.  Happy Shopping!!!!

My Trunk Club Review

I am SO SO very excited to share this post about Trunk Club – Women's Clothing Subscription with you all.  This clothing subscription is different from Stitch Fix, it is more curated and the product is higher end.  I signed up for Trunk Club last month and that day fully completed my Style Profile, about a week later was contacted by my stylist Madison and we had a phone interview where we talked through things.  She got back with me within 24 hours with a preview link so that I could take a peek at all the items she chose for me.  Well, she did a dang good job, so good in fact that 75% of the items she recommended to me I already owned!  So after a quick note back to her we had a good laugh and she redesigned my box and mailed it over.  Well today was reveal day!

So I opened the very impressively packed Trunk Club – Women's Clothing Subscription box and the smell of leather rushed out, super exhilarating!  I went through all 18 products I was sent by just looking at them and the style card together then I tried each item on.  Well over 75% of everything fit perfectly and I fell completely in love with 8 items (and like 10 items).  Those that didn't make the list either had fit issues or I just didn't care for the price tag or style.

Trunk Club Review

So in this Trunk Club I had a total of 18 items totaling $5,261.50 making each item an average of  $292.31 each.  To note: I did not specify a price point and asked her to send me some unique items since I have Stitch Fix to fulfill my everyday, cheaper items.  The most expensive item was the Leather Scuba Jacket at $995 that was to die for, truly unbelievable. The least expensive item was $58 for the Woven Hem Tunic Top.  Both of these items were on my LOVE list!  A totally crazy piece I received and really love but can't justify is the Genuine Rabbit Fur Vest for $798.

So all in all what did I keep?  Nothing!  Yikes, I know, but here is the deal.  Every single item I was sent had a Nordstrom's tag hanging on it.  (For those of you who don't know Trunk Club was bought out by Nordstroms)  This makes shopping with Trunk Club – Women's Clothing Subscription difficult for me. Because they do not accept my Nordstrom's credit card which means, I do not get my double and triple points, or for that matter, any points at all.  So what have I done?  I went through and marked down everything I loved, there are 6 pieces I plan on buying.  Then I go to Nordstroms, pick 1 of my Triple Points days and purchase it all then.  I will therefore get all items I want, plus the rewards in cash back without sacrificing anything.

Women's Clothing Subscription

I did tell my stylist Madison this and we agreed that no further boxes will be sent to me until they work out the credit card acceptance issue.  All in all I highly recommend Trunk Club- Women's Clothing Subscription!  It is a completely different experience than Stitch Fix, both great, just different. They are Nordstroms so they carry amazing brands that will not disappoint.  Want to know what else was in the box?  See photos below:

Trunk club for Women Trunk Club - Women's Clothing Subscription Trunk club for Women Trunk Club - Women's Clothing Subscription Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk club for Women Trunk Club - Women's Clothing Subscription

Overall I do recommend Trunk Club for those with a decent to healthy clothing budget.  Or for someone looking for a few splurge items!

Trunk Club


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