About VitaFive

Vitafive offers personalized gummy vitamin packs on a subscription basis. When you join vitafive you will receive a box in the mail every 4 weeks filled with 28 daily packs.  No more going to the store, no more organizing your vitamins in the morning, and no more cluttered vitamin jars filling up your kitchen cabinets. You can take these packs with you to work, to school, and even on vacation. The key to living a healthy life is being consistent. vitafive makes this easy and fun with our gummy vitamin packs.

Everyday is going to be different, but with vitafive you can always count on getting your daily vitamins. If you aren't satisfied with us you can cancel your subscription at anytime. No commitment, no contract, no stress!

Pricing: Vitafive pricing

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: 25tpe for 25% off

My VitaFive Experience

VitaFive is a Vitamin Subscription Box that is personalized for each person.  You can choose one of their custom packs already done or you can build you own. Each month they send you your vitamins individually packaged.  When I first tried them out over a year ago I got the Immune pack and loved it.  This time I got the Active Pack and now I have my kids on the Kid's Packs.  I LOVE that I can swap when I need to without having tons of vitamin bottles with left over everywhere.

Things that I love that Vitafive offers:

  • Customization – having the option to create a custom pack tailored to my specific needs
  • Vegan (5 of the 8 vitamins), Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Vegetarian Vitamins
  • Convenience – they are placed into individual packs for each day AND they are delivered to your door every month (so great for people who travel or are on-the-go)
  • Taste – the gummies taste amazing, which makes them not only popular with adults, but kids love them too.  I literally eat them as an afternoon snack.  My sweet tooth is satisfied & I took my vitamins.
  • Cuteness (yes this is important) – my name on each of my packs

Vegan Vitamins

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