About VetPet Box

VetPet Box is a subscription service that provides veterinary recommended wellness products, toys, and treats, along with pet owner education.  They focus on kittens, puppies, cats and dogs!

Cost: Single cat $39 & Multi Cat $45, Petite Dog $39, Small Dog $43, Medium Dog $45, Large Dog $49 & Giant Dog $49

Frequency: every month

Coupon Code: PINKENV15 for 15% off

Our VetPet Box Goodies Experience

Meow!  This week I opened my very 1st VetPet Box  and I have to say, we – the kids and cats and I – are all in love!!!  VetPet for cats has more than $60 worth of “pawesome” cat-approved, vet-approved goodies in each box! Plus, as you can see in my box, valuable information and products designed to help you and your cats based on different themes.  This month's theme is to reduce stress & anxiety for all pets during the July 4th holiday.

Inside VetPet Box Goodies box where I subscribed to the Multi Cat Box I received: 2 sets of Bat Arounds cat toys with a value of $2.10 each.  Next are 2 Well Fish Bavarian Cat Toys in Lavender with a value of $6.99 each.  Then 2 bags of Lean Treats with a value of $2.99 each.  And 1 bag of Composure Feline Chews with a value of $12.99.  Next the Find ME Cat Tunnel with a value of $23.99.  And lastly their Monthly Wellness Pamphlet that helps you better understand your pet!  So a total of 9 items all multi use with a retail value of $61.14 + curation + shipping.  I only paid  $45

From VetPet:

We know you want what’s best for your pets!

• Let us help you navigate the confusing and overwhelming number of products available so you can confidently provide fun toys, nutritious treats and high quality wellness products for your furry family members!

• Surprise your pet every month with real exam room recommendations delivered straight to your door! Get the products that veterinarians trust for their own pets and patients!

• You’ll also receive monthly educational materials specifically tailored for your pet that focus on a wellness topics to help you provide a long healthy life for your special pet!

Sign your cat (or dog) up today here.

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