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We Craft Box April 2024 Review

Thank you to We Craft Box for sending us this box to share with you and sponsoring this video. Links below may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission for each purchase. Thank you for supporting our team!  You’re the Best!

About We Craft Box

We Craft Box includes 4-5 crafts focused on a unique theme each month, complete with all the materials needed to complete the projects, except for scissors. This setup provides a hassle-free crafting experience for children aged 3-9, promoting creativity and family bonding through screen-free activities.

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $35
  • Shipping: Free
  • Coupon Code: PINK15
  • Active Deal: 15% off your 1st box
  • What Came in my We Craft Box April 2024 box options:

    Create your own Crafting Adventure! In this kit you will make:

    • 2 Birdhouses
    • 2 Bird Kites
    • 2 Chick in a Nest Craft
    • 2 DIY Guided Pop-up cards
    • 2 DIY Kids Binoculars 
    • Video tutorials and printed directions for all crafts
    • Make it a themed weekend with the book, recipe, and movie recommendations too!

    About We Craft Box – Kid's Craft Subscription

    We Craft Box, is your go-to for hassle-free crafting fun delivered right to your doorstep. Imagine receiving a magical box with everything you need to create five amazing crafts for two crafters.  Their kits are carefully curated for kids ages 3-9, and each kit comes with a themed story, five coordinating crafts (for two crafters), and all quality art materials needed.  At We Craft Box, they believe in making memories and sparking imagination without stress. Created by a professional artist and mom of 3 wild boys. Making magical memories and bonding through creativity is her passion.

    Why kid's craft subscriptions are so nice to have:

    • Convenience: Everything needed for the crafts is delivered to your door, saving time and effort in gathering materials for creative projects.
    • Educational Value: These crafts often come with educational themes or stories, helping children learn about different cultures, animals, science concepts, and more in a fun and engaging way.
    • Stimulates Creativity: Regularly receiving new craft projects encourages children to think creatively and explore various art forms and materials.
    • Quality Family Time: Craft boxes provide an excellent opportunity for families to spend quality time together, working on projects and creating memories.
    • Reduces Screen Time: A hands-on activity can help reduce children's time in front of screens, offering a healthy balance of activities.
    • Builds Anticipation: The arrival of a new box each month creates a sense of excitement and anticipation, making crafting an eagerly awaited event.
    • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in crafts helps children develop fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, and assembling, which are important for writing and other academic tasks.
    • Personalized Projects: Many subscription services offer personalization options, making the crafts more relatable and engaging for the child.
    • Fosters a Sense of Achievement: Completing a project from start to finish gives children a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem.

    Kid's craft subscription boxes are a thoughtful resource for fostering creativity, learning, and family bonding, making them a worthwhile investment for many families.

    Note: Prices and details mentioned are accurate as of the video's release date and may change over time.

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