About We Felt That

We began making handcrafted essential oil jewellery when we saw the need for constancy in using the oils. Keeping them close to our hearts and homes has allowed our family to live in health with ease. 8 years ago we began using essential oils in our home daycare with a simple diffuser and cotton balls! After 4 successful winters with minimal illness (thats kind of a big deal with having 5 toddlers at your feet), the daycare parents knew we were onto something! They began their journeys with oils, alongside us. As forever students, we have developed our understanding of the oils over time, and are continually amazed at their abilities to aid and assist the body.  Once our son began school, we realized we needed to get creative with how we were going to keep the oils in his life, away from home… Enter We Felt That!

We Felt That Review

Here's my We Felt That review: THIS IS BRILLIANT!  Only a mom could have created something like this.  These are wearable aromatherapy diffusers.  You just place the oil of your choice on the felt area of your piece (I have a couple necklaces and a couple bracelets) then wear them out and about to stay healthy and protected.  The pieces are vegan and gorgeous!  Oily friends this is a must check out.  Subscription box owners looking for fabulous pieces to share in your boxes, reach out to We Felt That and spread a healthy lifestyle to others.  They do accept custom orders and love to create new things.

These 4 pieces cost $45 USD which I think is an incredible price!  You can buy a 1 time box, a 3 month subscription or a 6 month so they are very flexible and willing to work with you!  The longer you subscribe for the more you get.  EG: the 6 month box is $155.00 and includes 1 box with full-sized oil(s) and an ebook for 100s of recipes for using essential oils and other natural health products + bracelets, necklaces, keychains, garlands and pompom clusters.  Coupon Code – pinkenvelope15 for a 15% off a 3 month aromatherapy bracelet, tassel, felt ball garland and specially curated surprise items!

Giveaway coming soon so stay tuned!


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