About Wearhaus

We believe that music is meant to be shared, and that listening to music together in person brings people closer together. With the Wearhaus Arc, we're making it simple to listen to a song with a friend and enjoy the shared experience anywhere.

Wearhaus Earbuds hit Kickstart Today!

What To Know

Their Kickstarter campaign will launch today, June 12 and will go from June 12-16th!  They will boast the same great features as the headphones – Premium Bluetooth earbuds with smart features – color customization, wireless audio sharing, firmware updates, and more.  Want to learn more?  —> Wearhaus Earrbuds

Join the Wearhaus Inc Revolution here and support them on Kickstarter today!

Wondering who Wearhaus is?  Want to see one of their past products?  Check out my 1st review with Wearhaus here.  I am in love with their headphones seen below.

Wearhaus Earbuds Info:

Your Music, Your Style:

Trying to decide what color earbuds you want? No need to choose! With the Wearhaus Beam, you have access to the entire color spectrum. Our totally customizable light ring changes on the fly to any color you want.

Designed for a Mobile Lifestyle

The Wearhaus app takes all of our smart features to the next level. Use the app to take full control of your color options, update firmware, collaboratively queue up music for friends, and more. Available on iOS and Android.

The Wearhaus Sound

Our goal in tuning the Beam’s audio quality was to replicate your music as it was meant to be heard. As a result, we carefully enhanced the bass and treble frequencies to successfully recreate the “punch” in your favorite songs in a smaller form factor.

The Accessories

Every ear is different and it's important to us that your Beam fits just how you want it to. Along with your earbuds, we have included three different sizes of earhooks and ear tips so you can find your perfect fit. You will also receive a carrying pouch, micro USB charging cable, and more!

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