About Wearhaus

We believe that music is meant to be shared, and that listening to music together in person brings people closer together. With the Wearhaus Arc, we're making it simple to listen to a song with a friend and enjoy the shared experience anywhere.


The Wearhaus Experience

Yall these headphones are pretty awesome!  They are very chic in looks and with cutting edge technology.  Their presentation is great and their website easy to use.  They come in 2 colors, they are wireless, they can sync with other sets, noise isolating, 16 hour battery life, custom ring lights to match your mood and SO MUCH MORE!  You sync them to your phone and your done.  So you control all sorts of features from your phone, we tested the bass boost and it works very well.  It's quite awesome really!  Next to try is the Cinema Sound.

They are slightly heavier than other headphones I have tried, they are adjustable, the sound is crystal clear and most noteworthy, the noise isolation works very well.  You can listen to music, audio book and more PLUS answer your phone.  We called a few people while wearing them and they work great, we could hear clearly and even left our phone on the table and walked about 15′ away and had no problems.  Very impressed after using them all day today.  They still haven't died on me but when they do I will test out the USB charging (which is so nice as we charge EVERYTHING on USB).

I have not been able to test out the sharing function yet just FYI. I am going to keep using these and playing with them and will have more coming your way soon.

Hey, do my Wearhaus Headphones make me look cool?!

Go to their Instagram page and Follow Wearhaus to enter to WIN a pair of headphones!

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