About Weekly Tasting

The Weekly Tasting is the newest way to experience the splendor of wine in the comfort of your own home.  Each week one of our Wine Experts will present a 4-pack of wine with a common theme (think ‘Bold Tuscan Wines’ or ‘White Wine You Must Try’). With each pack you gain access guided tasting video that helps you better understand each bottle and its pairings. Weekly Tasting is not a club – so you’ll never be stuck with a pack you didn’t pick out. Join Weekly Tasting today and be the friend with fantastic wines.

Frequency: as you want it, new sets arriving weekly

Cost: $69.99 for 3-4 full sized bottles, no membership fees

Recommend: Yes!  Especially for those wanting a less permanent relationship with a wine club or subscription

My Weekly Tasting Experience

Well, I love it!  The website is easy to use.  The weekly themes are relatable and fun.  And you have the ability to really learn wine!  I can't wait to turn mine into a date night with my husband.  Literally the food, drink and entertainment are all planned out already.  The cards that come with each bottle of wine break down what you are tasting and smelling in the wine.  Plus they made pairing recommendations with a full recipe to make it.  And from what I saw, they look yummy too!

Curated Home Wine Tasting Kits

We checked out a couple of the bottle on Vivino and 1 bottle is a $33 value and is rated 4.1 out of 5.  Another is $23 and is a 3.8 out of 5.  So in my research these wines are great wines in the eyes of many!  I plan on confirming this personally.

As always I will test the products out, of course, as well as watch the video guides and cooking the pairings they recommend so I will be back to break out my experiences there in more detail.  But for now, I am impressed and I say, sign up using the button above and see what you think.  It is cost free to start seeing what they prepare for each month and you only join in if you want to.  You also only join in 1 week at a time, there aren't commitments and skips to remember.  Easy breezy wine club!

Update 1 week later

So my hubby and I made a date night with a bottle of wine and the paring they recommended and it turned out perfect!  We chose to start with the Cascina Bruciata Barbaresco Rio Sordo Riserva 2011 (try saying that 3 times) with its paring the Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo and both are delicious!  We made some minor tweaks to the alfredo cause since my hubby is lactose intolerant and it turned out great!  It was easy and fast to cook and we drank the wine while we cooked and ate.  The kiddos even snuck in for a bit and liked it.

Click the big photo on top to watch me unbox the wine and talk about the items I found inside!

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