What Bra to Wear Under Summer Tanks & Tees

Summer is just around the corner and I don't know about you but I am already bringing out my spaghetti strap, halter style and strappy tops to wear out and about and already I am battling the bra.  Why must finding the right bra for a tank top be so hard?  Well it doesn't have to be I have now learned.  A couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram about the Bra Struggle and several fashion blogger friends hooked me up with suggestions then Rhinestone Leopard Boutique in Montgomery, TX invited me over for a fitting/styling session.  I am IN LOVE with all my new tops thanks to creative and well fitting new bras!  Here are a few tips on what bras to wear and how to style them.

The Lace Racerback:

The V Back Bra:

The Halter Style Bra:

Another dilemma I ran into is this top with a lace back.  What bra do you wear and the Rhinestone Leopard girls had a solution for that too and I think its so cute!  An apposing color to set it apart.

So can you tell which style of bra was my favorite?  I am a racerback girl, you should see my tan lines, its embarrassing.  But I do still need help.  Out of the options below, which one looks better?

Maroon or Black:

Lace Bras for Summer


Gray or Bright Green: Lace Bras for Summer


Light Blue or Gray:What Bra to Wear Under Summer Tanks & Tees

So for those who don't live here, no worries, you can order any (or all) of these online!  Check out Rhinestone Leopard's online boutique here.  If you do live in North Houston I highly recommend you swing by, they have a great selection of bras (obviously) and more!  Support Small Business!!!

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