What is Alamo Heights Night?  Is Alamo Heights Night kid friendly or should I get a babysitter?  Where is it?  These are just a few of the questions I have received and I wanted to provide some answers.

What is Alamo Heights Night

Admission: Adults are $10 & Kids 12 – 17 are $5 & kids 12 – under are free.  Military and Incarnate Word University students and staff are free.

Parking: Free – park at one of their designated location and ride the bus over.

Location: Incarnate Word University campus on Broadway – 4503 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209

From Alamo Heights Night: 32nd ANNUAL ALAMO HEIGHTS NIGHT ® PRESENTED BY THE ALAMO HEIGHTS ROTARY CLUB AT THE UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD.  Alamo Heights Night® is an outdoor event which runs from 5:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. There is continuous entertainment from quality local bands and professional games and rides. Over 700 volunteers from local businesses and non-profit organizations participate in the event. Local restaurants and non-profit organizations operate approximately 100 booths. The Club operates multiple park and ride locations in the area to reduce the problems of limited parking at the event site.  Funds are raised primarily from gate admissions, concession sales at the event, sponsor donations, sale of merchandise such as T-shirts and fiesta medals. Alamo Heights Night® has been very successful and the Club has raised over $2,000,000 for charity and the community.

Kid Friendly: Yes kinda, I personally felt this was good for adults and teens, but not kids, especially littles.  My kids, 4 and 6 years old, were bored and to keep them entertained was expensive.

What is Alamo Heights Night


  • Food & Drink Vendors
  • Watch the concerts on the main stage and side stage (the main stage band was awesome)
  • Play in the kid's area on bounce houses & a few carnival games
  • Hang in the wine garden
  • They offer a VIP area

What is Alamo Heights Night – Fiesta 2018

Mom Tips if you bring the kids:

  • Wear closed toe comfy shoes
  • The Park and Ride was very easy to do
  • Bring money as the activities and food are kind of expensive (bounce houses were $3 per kid per turn)
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial
  • Not real wagon or stroller friendly but you could make it work

My Tips to Alamo Heights Night:

  • NEED hand sanitizer in the food area
  • The event seemed split – parents are stuck over in the kids area or kids are stuck over in the adult area, either way, one is bored LOL
  • Mark the park and ride locations better, the hardest part was finding the location, after parking it was quite easy.
Alamo Heights Night

And my overall is for Alamo Heights Night if you are an adult, I personally won't bring my kids next year.

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