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What is Fiesta Flambeau Parade – Fiesta San Antonio
What is Fiesta Flambeau Parade – Fiesta San Antonio


What is Fiesta Flambeau Parade – Fiesta San Antonio

What is Flambeau?  

Where does it take place? Is it kid-friendly? Do I need to buy seats? These are just a few questions I have received, and I wanted to provide some answers.

When does the Fiesta Flambeau Parade Start?

7:00 pm – 10:30 pm CST

Where does the Fiesta Flambeau Parade Start?

North Main St near San Antonio Collge

Flambeau Parade Reserved Seats:

there are 7 sets of bleachers and 100's of street chair seats (I prefer these) starting at $30 Get Flambeau Parade Tickets Here

Where to park for Fiesta Flambeau Parade?

the average lot near the River Walk is $20, we parked in the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center garage for $15 then walked 850 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Does the Flambeau Parade start with a fun run?

Yes! You can see more on the Fiesta de los Spurs Run here. See photos below.

What is Battle of Flambeau

The parade goes down a very long route throughout the city, filled with performers and floats. And it takes place at night! But the parade starts with runners from the SARR Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Mile Fun Run passing through first. They are very entertaining & very impressive!

Kid-Friendly: Yes, reserved seats make things much nicer and easier, but many families arrived very early and staked out spots.


  • Walking around and people-watch.
  • Arts and Crafts booths along parade routes
  • Food booths throughout
  • Trade Medals and take photos
  • Sit out and enjoy the parade strolling by

Mom Tips:

  • Wear closed toe comfy shoes
  • Arrive early so that you can enjoy it before its too crowded to walk
  • You can bring food and drinks
  • During Fiesta it is Open Carry for Alcohol and you can order drinks to go
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial
  • Wagons and Stroller in reserved seating area would be hard
  • I recommend purchasing reserved seats on the front row if you have littles otherwise, you have to get there EARLY to fight for a seat

And my overall is FOR Fiesta's Flambeau!!!!  We will definitely go back.

From Flambeau:

Fiesta Flambeau® Parade is the largest illuminated night parade and the highlight of Fiesta®. The Fiesta Flambeau® Parade continues to light up the streets of downtown San Antonio along the 2.6 mile route and viewed by an estimated 750,000+ spectators and another 1.5 million television viewers.

Leading our parade for its 70th year is our premier band, The University of Texas Longhorn Band, followed by spectacular themed floats, marching units, local, out of town and out of state bands, dance groups, equestrian units and many other attractions that create a memorable night of illuminated entertainment.

The Fiesta Flambeau ®; Parade Association, Inc.’s mission is to plan, organize, produce and stage the Fiesta Flambeau Parade annually during Fiesta San Antonio. It does so to enhance the celebration for the San Antonio community and its visitors. It is a nonprofit volunteer organization with 96 members and more than 300 volunteers.

The Aftermath

Can I brag on our city for a bit? After the Flambeau Parade, my hubby & I chose to walk from our seats at Alamo & Losoya to Pearl. This gave us the ability to walk the parade route and yall, TRASH WAS EVERYWHERE! It was quite unbelievable! But guess what happened next…The city of San Antonio sent recycling trucks out & they were picking up recyclable goods and emptying the many recycling bins they had put out. After recycling was picked up the trash trucks came through, then finally the street sweepers. It was so impressive & really made my heart happy to see how our city makes it possible (and even encourages) events like these! A big thank you to all those hard-working men & women. Without their clean-up efforts, this would not be possible!

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