Viva Fiesta!

Fiesta in San Antonio is officially upon us and half the people I encounter are excited and ready for the big week and others have no idea what is going on.  This post is to talk about What is Fiesta in San Antonio TX?

What is Fiesta? Fiesta is a festival. It began more than 120 years ago as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Today Fiesta celebrates the diversity and culture of San Antonio with 10 days of events that take place across the whole city.

Fiesta is 100% put on by local non profits and is a city wide fundraising party.

Does Fiesta cost money? Some of the events do and others don't.  See the Fiesta Events Calendar to check out the events available and whether they are free or not.

What is Fiesta in San Antonio TX

Is Fiesta family friendly? Almost all of the events hosted by Fiesta are family friendly, only a few are exclusive to adults and they are mostly banquets, fundraisers and events of the like.  See the Fiesta Event Calendar to check out which events are all for the family.

Is there a carnival? Yes and a pretty sweet one that lasts all 10 days.

Where do I buy tickets for events I know I want to attend?  Here or at the gate for most events.  Note – events do sell out and banquet/fundraisers typically require a ticket in advance.

Are there any parades we can attend?  Oh man, oh man are there parades, by land and by water 🙂  check the Fiesta Events Calendar to see which ones are best for you.

What are Fiesta Medals?  See the photo below for what just a few of my 2018 Fiesta medals look like.  To see some of the Voted Coolest medals check out My San Antonio's list here.  Medals have been around since 1905, but have recently taken off as a trend.  San Antonians use them to promote their businesses, organizations and as family momentos.  Majority of the medals are sold to support a non-profit in our local area.

What is Fiesta in San Antonio TX
Fiesta Medals

Fiesta Medals

How do I get Fiesta Medals?  You can buy them from any of your local hot spots.  The Official Fiesta store also carries several medals.  And you can trade them on site at any of the Fiesta events!

How long is Fiesta?  This year the event is taking place from April 18th – April 28th

Where can I buy Fiesta medals, sashes, tops and more?  You can watch my Instagram to find the cutest and cheapest Fiesta attire or you can visit the Official Fiesta Store.

Check out more Fiesta Fashion Outfits here

Have a Fiesta question I didn't address?  Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment on this post What is Fiesta in San Antonio TX!  Viva Fiesta!

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