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What is Fiesta in San Antonio, TX?
What is Fiesta in San Antonio, TX?


What is Fiesta in San Antonio, TX?

Viva Fiesta!

Fiesta in San Antonio is nearly upon us, and half the people I encounter are excited and ready for the big week, while others have no idea what is going on. This post is about what Fiesta is in San Antonio, TX.

What is Fiesta? 

Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas, is an annual multi-day festival celebrating the city's diverse cultures and honoring the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. It features over 100 events, including parades, food fests, concerts, and art shows. Originally started in 1891, Fiesta has grown into a significant cultural and tourist attraction, drawing visitors worldwide to enjoy its vibrant traditions, music, and community spirit.

Fiesta is 100% put on by local nonprofits and is a city-wide fundraising party.

Does Fiesta cost money?

Some of the events do, and others don't. Check the Fiesta Events Calendar to see which events are available and whether they are free or not. Fiesta Fiesta kicks everything off, and it is always free!

Is Fiesta family-friendly?

Almost all of Fiesta's events are family-friendly; only a few are exclusive to adults, and they are mostly banquets, fundraisers, and similar events. See the Fiesta Event Calendar to determine which events are all for the family.

Is there a carnival?

Yes and a pretty sweet one that lasts all 10 days.

Where do I buy tickets for events I know I want to attend?

You can find most events on the Fiesta San Antonio Events Calendar or at the gate. Note that events do sell out, and banquets and fundraisers typically require a ticket in advance.

Are there any parades we can attend?  

Oh man, oh man are there parades by land and by water ūüôā  Check the Fiesta Events Calendar to see which ones are best for you.

What are Fiesta Medals?  

Fiesta Medals are collectible items and a staple of Fiesta San Antonio, evolving from coins distributed to children by the Texas Cavaliers in 1946 to the vibrant, themed medals we see today. These medals, celebrated for their diverse and creative designs, represent various aspects of the festival, local entities, and community groups. Collecting and displaying them on sashes, hats, and vests has become a popular tradition among attendees, serving both as a form of expression and a means to support local charities, as many are sold for fundraising purposes.

Fiesta Medals

How do I get Fiesta Medals?  You can buy them from any of your local hot spots.  The Official Fiesta store also carries several medals.  You can also trade them on-site at any of the Fiesta events!

How long is Fiesta?  Varies each year but typically around 1.5 weeks.

Where can I buy Fiesta medals, sashes, tops and more?  You can watch my Instagram and my Amazon Storefront to find the cutest and cheapest Fiesta attire or visit my LTK page.

Fiesta Events I Think Are MOST Family-Friendly

  • Fiesta Fiesta – the kickoff event
  • Fiesta Carnival
  • Battle of Flowers
  • Fiesta de los Reyes
  • Fiesta de los Ninos
  • Viva Botanica!
  • El Rey Fido Coronation
  • Fiesta Castle Hills
  • Days in Old Mexico at Rancho del Charro
  • Texas Cavaliers River Parade
  • Battle of Flowers
  • Fiesta Pooch Parade
  • King William Fair
  • Festival de Animales
  • Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade

Fiesta Events I Think Are LEAST Family-Friendly – Adults Only

These are events I, as a parent, did not like my kids being at OR events my kids said were boring/dumb.

  • Fiesta Oyster Bake (especially at night)
  • Alamo Heights Night
  • A Taste of New Orleans – Mom & Dad loved it though!
  • Webb Party
  • Taste of the Republic
  • Taste of Northside – Mom & Dad loved it though!
  • Fiesta Cornyation

Let's Talk Fiesta Fashion – What to Wear to Fiesta

Attending Fiesta in San Antonio is an opportunity to immerse yourself in vibrant cultural celebrations, and dressing for the occasion adds to the fun. Here’s what you should consider wearing:

  • Colorful Attire: Fiesta is all about vibrant colors. Wear bright, festive clothing that reflects the spirit of the celebration. Think bold prints, florals, and colors that pop. Links below to Shop!
  • Comfortable Footwear: With so many events spread across different parts of the city, and the likelihood of being on your feet for extended periods, comfortable shoes are a must. Consider sneakers, comfortable flats, or sandals.
  • Fiesta Medals, Flower Crowns, and Sashes: Part of the Fiesta tradition is collecting and displaying Fiesta medals. Wear a sash, vest, or hat where you can pin your collection of medals to show off during the festivities.
  • Sun Protection: April in San Antonio can be sunny and warm. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen will help protect you from the sun, especially during outdoor events.
  • Light Layers: While the days might be warm, evenings can cool down. Bring a light jacket or wrap that you can easily carry with you.
  • Accessories: Embrace the festive atmosphere with fun accessories. Think flower crowns, brightly colored jewelry, and anything that adds to your festive look.

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