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White Home Woods Spring 2024 | Spring Home Decor
White Home Woods Spring 2024 | Spring Home Decor


White Home Woods Spring 2024 | Spring Home Decor

Thank you to White Home Woods for sending us this box to share with you and sponsoring this video. Some links below may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission for each purchase. Thank you for supporting our team by watching White Home Woods Spring 2024!

White Home Woods Spring 2024

Items in my White Home Woods Grand Box (shown here):

  • Foliage Wall Art – Canvas Wrap in 16×20
  • Real Touch Peony Bundle in Pink 12” – set of 6 
  • White Resin Rainboot – 4.25”
  • Brown Dot Embossed Containers with Gold Rim – set of 3
  • Blue Floral Eggs – set of 2
  • Resin Butterflies – set of 2

About White Home Woods Box:

  • 3 box sizes to choose from:
  • Petite: 4-5 items, ships on the 20th of each season
  • Moyen: 5-7 items, ships the 15th of each season (the regular WHW box)
  • Grand: 7-9 items, ships the 5th of each season (shown in today’s video)
  • You can choose all the items in your box.
  • Box contents will be on their blog with photos & inspirations
  • Contemporary, Boho, and Modern decor styles
  • An online shop that is open to everyone.
  • The box contains items such as blankets, pillows, pillow covers, WHW candles, mugs, table decorations, wall decorations, and more.

White Home Woods HomeBox is not a seasonal box (although they may add a seasonal touch to each box) but a home décor box with neutral elements for the whole year. White Home Woods is curated by Owner & Founder Melitza. She sources from different home decor suppliers and looks for only high-quality, trendy, and functional items for your home. They like to make your opinion part of the curation for every box, so you may receive a link to the items White Home Woods selected so you can pick some of your favorites. You can find throw blankets, pillows or pillow covers, WHW candles, mugs, table decorations, wall decorations, and more!

Why I Love White Home Woods

Shopping at White Home Woods offers a unique opportunity to elevate your home decor with a quarterly subscription service that allows you to curate your own decor box. The service focuses on delivering high-quality, trendy, and functional items selected by an expert interior stylist. It stands out for its flexibility, offering customers the ability to choose the box style that best complements their home, ensuring a personalized experience. With options for different budget ranges and preferences, White Home Woods provides a curated selection of items from upscale home decor boutiques, reflecting the latest trends and quality standards. Thank you for watching and reading my thoughts on White Home Woods Spring 2024.

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*Disclaimer: This post may be sponsored (meaning we were paid for the time it took to research, create, & share this video) and this post may contain affiliate links. We earn a small commission each time someone purchases using one of our links/codes, which helps support the blog and is free to you. All opinions are my own.

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