*Updated August 2018*

About White Willow

We love beauty, style, fashion and decor! What better way than to combine them together! With infinite product combinations in the market and busy lives of us women these days, choosing the best items for your needs can be a challenge. Each month, you will receive a lovely box delivered straight to you with four to five full-sized and sample products ranging from: Beauty and personal care Fashion accessories Home decor accents Culinary delights Fine paper goods/stationary Technology gadgets And other lifestyle surprises.

Prices: 2 plans to choose from: Plan “A” you will receive 1 Box every other month for $49.95 CAD charged every 2 months. Plan “B” where you receive 1 Box every other month for the duration of 4 months (2 boxes total) at $94.90 CAD charged every 4 months. Plan B saves you 5%.

Frequency: bi-monthly

My White Willow Subscription Box Review

Y’all this is SUCH a cute subscription box!  This is my very first White Willow box and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t peek at anything so it would all be a surprise and I’m so glad I didn’t look.  This box is so cool!  I received some beautiful notecards in a pretty box.  I also received a Konjac sponge which is exciting because my last one just died. So the timing is perfect (note if you have not tried one of these you MUST), I also received a Lollia shower gel which is a brand I love and it smells so beautiful.  Then lastly I received Basil Oil with an oil serving dish which means I do not have to use my soy sauce bowls any more when serving bread and oil LOL.  Seriously A++ for this box, you must check it out!

If you are looking for a beautiful Canada based lifestyle subscription box I highly recommend you check this one out. They do ship to the US also!

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