*Updated June 2018*

About Wine Awesomeness

A Wine Subscription Box: Every month, our thirsty somms and journey junkies dream up a wine-fueled adventure and send it straight to your door. Explore the wine world without palate quizzes, gimmicks or limits.

Pricing: $49 for 3 bottles

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: $10 off when you sign up below

Sign Up Here and get $10 off your 1st month (that's a FREE bottle of wine)

Wine Awesomeness Review

I have to say…I am in LOVE!!! They have mastered the art of subscription wine. The price is great for a wine subscription box, the packaging perfect, the wine description and info is brief but helpful. I give this wine subscription a big thumbs up!!! They have given me a killer offer too! Sign up using the button above and get $10 off your 1st month! I've tasted one of the bottles and it is good, not my favorite but still yummy and matched my descriptions I placed on my online survey.

I believe the bottles come to about $15 each in the 3 pack box.  They have a 6 pack box which brings the bottles down to like $12 each.  I ran a quick price comparison online and the 1st bottle I tried rated at an 8 out of 10 and retails on average for $13. So if you think, the extra $2 covered the curation and the shipping, pretty good deal! $2 extra dollars to have my wine meet me at the door? Sign me up!

Wine Subscription Box

I have reached out to Wine Awesomeness to ask if they carry wines that can be found in stores because with past wine subscriptions my biggest complaint has been that they are all relabels. This means the extra bottles of wine from various vineyards are sold to distributors. They then relabel the bottle and sell them. This is great except if you fall in love with the wine, you can't order more.  What I did find though is they have an online store where you can order wine from which is awesome (get it)! Use the Get Wine Awesomeness button above to check out their user friendly website and see the online wine store.

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