So I am very excited to share my latest find with you all.  It's Women's Clothing Subscription- Golden Tote!  If you love the idea of subscription based clothing but have a budget to watch this is your perfect match.

How it works: You go to Women's Clothing Subscription- Golden Tote website and pick a package: $49, $99 or $149.  The $49 package allows you to pick out 1 item of your choice and the 2nd item is a surprise.  The $99 package allows you 4 surprise items.  Then the $149 package allows you to pick 2 items of your choice and they surprise you with 3-4 more additional items.

Women's Clothing Subscription

So I chose the $149 package and I chose the boyfriend jean and a fur vest from the many options on their website, I was surprised with 4 more items.  See it all here in my unboxing video.

My thoughts: THIS IS AWESOME!!!  My boyfriend jeans I chose are the same label that Stitch Fix uses- Just Black and the faux fur vest I chose is very unique and cute.  The 4 surprise items all are cute too, I like it all but 1 item which I plan on selling or trading on the Golden Tote Facebook page.  Everything fits great but is made of slightly cheaper materials so I will be careful when washing them.  So if the $200 price point for 5 items that Stitch Fix offers is too much, Women's Clothing Subscription- Golden Tote is definitely the way to go!

Sign up for your tote here: I Want Golden Tote

Photos of me in my finds to come on my Facebook page and Instagram so make sure to follow!

Women's Clothing Subscription- Golden Tote

Much love,

subscription box

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