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Women’s Collective Review & Unboxing

This post does contain affiliate links and is sponsored by Women's Collective. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Women's Collective Review.

About Women's Collective

A quarterly subscription box curated by women from women-owned businesses and delivered to women. Harnessing the limitless power of women supporting each other's dreams.

  • Cost: Single boxes $54.95 and Annually $49.95
  • Frequency: quarterly
  • Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE20 to get 20% off
  • Do I Recommend: Yes

My Women's Collective Review & Experience

Yall I just found the coolest BRAND NEW lifestyle subscription box. And don't let the box fool you, this is no stack em high club-like FabFitFun (no hate, I've been a subscriber for 5+ years). This is a subscription box that is curated by women, from all small, women-owned businesses delivered to the door of other women. It is amazing! For those of you who don't know the subbox world, let's chat.

Ok, let's take FFF again, to be in their box you have to be able to mass-produce, give FFF your product for free (or practically) free and you have to fit into a perfect little business mold. That is NOT the case with Women's Collective! WC pays for EVERY SINGLE ITEM that goes into their box. So not only are they promoting and sharing about women-owned small businesses, they are helping them make a paycheck as well. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Ok, let's talk value…I received 8 items in my box of which 7 of the items are multi-use. The total retail value in my box is $136.80 so that means if you subscribe annually with my coupon you only paid $39.96 which comes to an average of $5.70 per item. THAT IS FREAKING INSANE!!!!! So besides this company being morally and ethically good, they are an amazing deal too. I also have 7 brand new companies I am following on IG now that I can shop at my leisure.

Womens Collective Summer Box 2020

In my box I received the following items:

  • The Better Farm Co. perfect blend bag $28.00 – I LOVE that the top has netting
  • You are Designed for Amazing Things sticker
  • Mimi & August Gold Plated rainbow earrings $20.00 – I have these hidden because I know my youngest will steal them
  • Cait & Co shower steamer in Peppermint, Rosemary + Lemon $8.00 – Oh my this smells super amazing! I still have it just sitting in my office
  • Soon Skincare eye mask $4.80 – I am a big eye mask fan so I can't wait to try this one
  • Hali Hali stainless steel reuseable straws $14.00 – I think it is brilliant that I received 1 full size & 1 cocktail size
  • Little Korboose tea towel $24.00 – so chic and a nice, large size you can actually use
  • Sunkissed beach blanket $38.00 – I *literally* had one of these in my online shopping cart but never bought it which now I'm glad because it came in this box. I am still freaking out about this. Super excited!

*Not everyone's boxes are the exact same. I know that there were several different earring options being sent out!

And this is technically their 2nd box, I also received their Summer 2020 box and I show a few of the items from it during this video because I didn't film an unboxing on the 1st one. There was a candle in that 1st box called Empowered – toasted fig, brown sugar & sweet amber THAT IS THE BEST CANDLE EVER! 1st, it was filled to the top. 2nd, it came with a lid. 3rd, I have been burning it around the clock and I just reached the 3/4 full point and lastly, it only cost $20. It's over at

xoxo Samantha

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