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Whether you’re on the mat, in the gym, or out to brunch – YogaClub lets you look and feel amazing with premium brand yoga apparel that’s as comfortable to wear as it is on your budget. Every month, YogaClub delivers up to $160 worth of high quality, name brand yoga apparel & accessories directly to your door in a pretty box for as low as $45, $69 or $79 / month. Yes, you read that right — every box saves you up to 60% on retail prices letting you look ah-maze-ing without breaking the bank.

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Frequency: Monthly

Cost: starting at $45!  My box below is the Guru at $79.  Sign up with my link & get 20% off!!!

My Yoga Apparel Subscription Box Review

Ok I am in love!  Go to their website, click Get Styled, choose your Style Package, then choose your Style and Sizes. Whether you're in the yoga studio, at the cafe, in the gym, or out to brunch on the weekend — YogaClub‘s personal stylist will make you look and feel amazing without breaking the bank.  What I received here is the Guru Box in the Classic style and it is perfect! An average $160 worth of retail value yoga apparel directly to your doorstep for just $79 flat.  All high quality, brand name yoga gear for less than I could go get on my own.  They provide easy returns and cancel anytime.

Check out the photos below to see what I received.  Since I received this I have addictively worn it all.  It has been washed and worn a few times and still looks amazing!  I highly recommend this yoga apparel subscription box.   Y'all I am putting it all out there on this one…YIKES!

Interview with Yoga Club Owner

Me: What are your strengths vs other yoga clothing stores?

 The biggest perks / strengths are the fact that we let women access brand name yoga & workout apparel for serious discounts off retail prices every month. It’s on-trend, high quality brands that are sold in studios and retail stores except we just cut out the absurd amount of middlemen between the brand and the retailer and pass the savings on to our members 🙂  Other than that, we aspire to have our boxes inspire members to get outside, go to the studio or just get more connected with themselves through being active on a daily basis. We know first hand the positive effects being active can do to our states-of-mind, so we’re really working hard to have all our boxes be truly a gateway for a happy life for all our members! Lofty goal, I know… but that won’t stop us 🙂

Yoga Club

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