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YogaClub Coupon & Clothes Review

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. When you purchase through my site we make a small but meaningful commission at no cost to you. We are always so thankful for those who purchase through our blog, social media & YouTube. Also, these are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Workout Subscription and YogaClub Coupon.

About YogaClub

YogaClub is your personal stylist for the yoga-inspired life. Delivering high quality, brand name yoga apparel at affordable prices. We are committed to empowering women to be active, confident, and mindful in everything they take on.  YogaClub is more than a box of activewear, it’s a community of inspired women who share a passion for health, wellness, and giving back.  With our commitment to confidence extending far beyond the outfits we curate. YogaClub Clothes Review

Frequency: Monthly

Cost: $79

YogaClub Coupon: $20 off every month when you sign up below

What's in my Activewear Subscription + YogaClub Coupon

Yall, another fabulous box from YogaClub Clothes Review!  I LOVE this outfit!  The color of these pants is simply fabulous!  Here is a little about the clothes:

  1. Satva White Top – LOVE  I lost the tags so I don't know the retail value on this guy
  2. Vimmia Blue-ish Yoga Pants – LOVE and these things are long.  I have the rolled here quite a bit so you call girls will love these.  I rolled them and they stayed perfectly.  Also lost the tag on these too.
  3. Soybu Jacket – LOVE!  I have nothing like this and it is a jacket but it is so light and has a really cute cut.

How to Sign Up for YogaClub

How it works:  Go to their website, click Get Styled, select your Style Package, then choose to either Take the Style Quiz or Choose a Pre-Set Style.  The 1st option is the one I did and it is the longer one (at about 3 minutes) and the 2nd is very fast.  Next, you complete your sizes.  I have selected Small for Pants, Small/Medium for Pants blended sizes, Small for Shirts and Small/Medium for Shirt blended sizes, Small for Bra and Small/Medium for Bra blended size. Just make sure to use my YogaClub coupon to save $20 every month.

The Deets:

  • The Guru Box Monthly – receive 3 pieces of premium brands curated for you with an average retail price of $120 or more.
  • Exchange Option 1: You can go to one of the trade groups and make a swap in which most cases ends up being free, it depends on the deal you work.  I have done this a few times and even met up with a girl in the same town and swapped items, we both loved what the other got.
  • Exchange Option 2: You can go to the online exchange store and pick out the item you want to be shipped to you and they ship the item you choose to you and you ship your item back to them.  In 1.5 years of being with YogaClub, I have done this twice and that was before the trade group was available.
xoxo Samantha

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